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Used for rendering code.

Component is already configured in the boilerplate.
1.import { CodeLayout, CodeLine } from "@/components/codeblock";2.3.const Example = () => {4.return (5.<>6.<CodeLayout>7.<CodeLine number={1} className="!pr-10">8.your_text_here9.</CodeLine>10.<CodeLine number={2} className="!pr-10">11.your_text_here12.</CodeLine>13.<CodeLine number={3} className="!pr-10">14.your_text_here15.</CodeLine>16.<CodeLine number={4} className="!pr-10">17.your_text_here18.</CodeLine>19.</CodeLayout>20.</>21.);22.}23.24.export default Example;
number = accepts either a string or a number as its type.!pr- = is utilized to add spacing between numbering and code (use of ! is crucial to override existing pr)