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Learn how to optimize your site's search engine performance using our boilerplate. Dive into easy-to-use SEO configuration with CodeAssist and boost your online visibility.
title = Represents the title of the page. It is displayed on the browser tab and is a crucial factor in search engine rankings.canonicalUrlRelative = Specifies the relative URL of the page, allowing you to define a canonical URL for search engines. The canonical URL is the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content. It helps search engines understand the preferred page to index and display in search results.

Changing the SEO default settings.

Go to /config/config.ts
1.{2.app_settings: {3.app_name: 'CodeAssist',4.app_description: "The NextJS boilerplate with all the stuff you need to get your product in front of customers.",5.domain_name: '',6.}, 7.forms... // Ignore other sections8.}

Adding title and customizing other aspects of seo.

Go to your page.tsx and add this code. Make sure it is exported.
1.export const metadata = getSEOTags({2.title: 'Next.js Boilerplate | CodeAssist',3.canonicalUrlRelative: '/',4.});
How the page should look.
1.import Navbar from '@/components/common/Navbar';2.import Landing from '@/components/common/Landing';3.import Carousel from '@/components/common/Carousel';4.import Problems from '@/components/common/Problems';5.import Options from '@/components/common/Options';6.import Pricing from '@/components/common/Pricing';7.import Faq from '@/components/common/Faq';8.import Footer from '@/components/common/Footer';9.import Boost from '@/components/common/Boost';10.import Reviews from '@/components/reviews';11.import { getSEOTags } from '@/libs/seo';12.13.export const metadata = getSEOTags({14.title: 'Next.js Boilerplate | CodeAssist',15.canonicalUrlRelative: '/',16.});17.18.export default function Home() {19.return (20.<>21.<Navbar />22.<main>23.<div className="py-12">24.<Landing />25.<Reviews stars={5} text="are already building!" />26.</div>27.<Carousel />28.<Problems />29.<Options />30.<Pricing />31.<Faq />32.<Boost />33.</main>34.<Footer />35.</>36.);37.}